Chin chin for charity

Enham 100 Gin

Chin chin for charity

Drink gin and support local charities – win win!


When I was a secondary school teacher I felt like I was doing something valuable. Even if I helped just one student feel a little bit better about themselves, or more positive about the future then that was a great thing. Now I make gin! I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be enough. But I’ve had a little time to work on the business and think through my values and purpose and it turns out that it’s so much more than just gin. I really believe that gin is the catalyst for people to get together, have fun and make memories. OK I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but I believe it’s true. But I also feel like I can do more.


In 2019 I launched my first charity gin. I wish I didn’t in a way as it was for my friend Laura as something to let her know how much her support of my little business meant to me and to give her something she enjoyed to do. Sadly I was too late to share it with her but have been making it ever since and donate 100% of the profits to her charity, Fight Bladder Cancer. I wanted to do more, but donating 100% profits on all my products isn’t sustainable (even with my terrible maths skills!) So whilst with Laura’s Gin I will continue to donate all the profits to charity I am launching several other gins to support local charities with a percentage of profits donated to those charities. The first of those gins launched on Saturday 12th June – World Gin Day. So I’d like to introduce you to Enham Trust Centenary Gin.


Enham Trust is a fabulous charity celebrating it’s centenary this year. It’s a couple of miles away from me at the Gin Palace and the Trust supports disabled people to live, work and enjoy life. They have some fantastic gardeners who live there too and they grow the rosemary I use to flavour the gin. As with all my gins it’s completely handcrafted by me, using only natural rosemary from Enham Trust and no sugar or nasties. If you buy it directly from me either from my website or pop into the Gin Palace or the Andover Shared Shop, then £4 per bottle will be donated to the Enham Trust. It’s also available from the Enham Village Shop and Stores.


Watch this space as more charity gins are on their way. Yummy rosemary and apple gin for the Hampshire Country and Garden Festival which can be purchased at the event on the 27th June and from the website (when I’ve made it!) £4 per bottle will be donated to the Hampshire Medical Fund I’m also making a fiery lemon and peppercorn gin for the Wallops Wheels and Wings event on the 3rd July and £4 per bottle from sales will go to the Army Flying Museum. And a beautiful gin that will be called ‘Blossoming Together’ for Able Hands Together; an amazing community interest company, which provides an extraordinary life-changing experience for adults who have learning disabilities.


Exciting times!


If you know of or are part of a charity that you think would love to have their own gin please do give me a shout. Or if you’d like to say ‘chin chin for charity’ please head over to my online shop and get buying!

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  • Auntie Liz Cosgrove
    Posted at 17:04h, 03 July Reply

    Cant wait to try a glass or two Kate – purely to support Enham of course………..

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